Recent Zbrush Work

A quick sketch sculpture I did over the course of 2 evenings to make sure my Zbrush and sculpting skills were represented in my portfolio.

A work in progress that I have big plans for. Expect to see updates here and on my instagram!

Drexel University Adjunct Professor

Starting in winter 2017 through this year I worked as an adjunct professor in the Game Design and Production department at Drexel University. My classes ranged from introduction to game design to an AI studio, experimental game design and coding for games. All of these courses contained substantial production components, and each term saw me simultaneously managing multiple game productions. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented individuals the industry will welcome in the coming years. My approach to project management was centered around open communication. I set up a discord server so my students could constantly be in communication in a space I could contribute to.

My main goal was to never stifle creativity when possible. I openly voiced scope based concerns when necessary but never stopped my students from failing in an endeavor they were passionate to pursue. Education is the best place to experience failure, and I was always ready to help plan for damage control. I owe the success of these projects wholey to the passionate students at Drexel University.

Music Credit: Vegan Mustache Jazz - Dumb Waiter

Miss Octopie

Miss Octopie is an indie artist and fashion designer. Her self titled brand is an influential part of the American "kawaii", meaning cute, and J-fashion scene. Originally starting with traditional and digital paintings, she has since expanded into transforming her whimsical art into fashion, accessories, toys and other merchandise. Miss Octopie’s work has been nationally exhibited at galleries such as the Leslie Powell, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Bear and Bird Boutique & Gallery, Museum of the Great Plains, the Champagne Room, and Bedford Gallery. She has also been invited as a featured guest at anime conventions such as A-kon and Anime St. Louis to participate in their Fashion Shows. Miss Octopie has traveled from coast to coast to advertise and sell her artist goods at a multitude of art festivals and conventions.

I started working with Miss Octopie in 2016. Since then I have served various roles in her organization. I assist in most aspects of operation including event logistics, research and development, inventory management, product design and media production, including event and social media. I have assisted Miss Octopie with Unity 3D previsualization tools to help perfect pop up shop layouts for her various events.

Miss Octopie Website

This is a gif snippet of a video I constructed as a background for Miss Octopie’s fashion shows.

Goblin Shaman

A passion project I hope to leverage in future personal game productions. I started with project with a frame by frame animation because I wanted to have a clear picture of how the face could move. The concept art departed from this original upright standing design but the spirit and expression is still captures. The technical side of this project is inspired by my desire to analyze and implement any information I can gather from the overwatch character production pipeline. This is an on going project; updates are posted first on instagram and later here.

Keys to the Collection Lighting

Contract work I completed under Spech.Tech for the Barnes Foundation’s mobile app Keys to the Collection. My responsibilities included but were not limited to upgrading their Unity 4 lighting to the new Unity 5 system, fixing various compatibility issues, improving lighting visual quality, improving the technical quality of assets, and maintaining low memory use.

Meat4every Twitch Channel

The Meat4every1 Twitch channel was born from a need to combine the time I spend working on art and other projects with brand promotion. Many of the other projects listed here in this portfolio were created live on this stream.

Dark Chibi Series

A short term character art series streamed on Meat4every1. Part of the inspiration for this series was my exposure to the art of Miss-Octopie. Besides the obvious stylistic influence, I was specifically intrigued by her use of color in line art. This spurred me to challenge myself to stop using pure black and grey in my art, and really push my experimentations with the interaction of light and color.


This webcomic is currently the main focus of the collected efforts of myself, my partnership with Speck.Tech, and our associates to create the foundations for a recognizable brand. These first two strips are the launching point for the development of lore, story, character and world building for an expansive IP.

Derp Wars

Derp Wars is an opinion piece aimed at critiquing Jar Jar’s place in the Star Wars prequels by examining the Darth Jar Jar fan theory. I created transformative parody art to illustrate this narrative. It was an intense but short challenge of my ability to generate art quickly, write a cohesive argument, and bring these elements together with limited animations for a final video presentation.

Rise of Rakshaza

An early project on my Twitch Channel Meat4every1, Rise of Rakshaza is the name of a proposed Fallout 4 mod. The purpose of this project was to work through a Mock preproduction exploring the viability of creating mods in the event that valve reinstated paid mods.

Physical Work

Miscellaneous physical artwork including works in progress and sketches.


Singularity was the working title of an exploratory prototype project between myself and Bobby Speck. The project was focused on determining whether or not a conceptualize mobile game idea could be viable produced based on our time and resource limitations.

Art Commissions

The first image is a dry erase board peice for The Pirates of LBI. The second and third images were done for an art Commission undertaken in the early part of 2015, and finished over the course of 2 weeks. Completed in photoshop but designed to look like an inked crosshatch piece.

Drexel University Research Day 2013: Dean’s Award

The project portion of my Master's Thesis at Drexel University, Dead End was a ~15 minute survival horror game, developed over the course of 4 Months. All aspects of this game, code, art, etc. were created by myself during this period. The one exception to this was the in engine video recording plugin AVPRO Movie Capture generously donated by RenderHeads.

The purpose of my thesis was to test two hypothesis. The first, that the externally displayed emotions of a player character (PC) in a third person perspective horror game would influence the emotional state of the player during the course of gameplay. The second, that this emotional shift would impact player performance. 40 students at Drexel University were tested. They were split into 2 groups. In one group the PC was animated to express fear. The other group used a PC animated to express confidence. The results were collected through metrics culled directly from gameplay, and post play session interviews. The metrics, compared between the two groups showed no statistically significant difference in performance between the two groups. The interviews however showed that players viewed the experience and their performance differently between the two groups, the fear group favoring negative accounts and language and the confident group favoring positive accounts and language.

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