Hello all, my name is Ian! I am passionate about game design and production. My skills and interest in games design are based on a long standing interest in illustration and character design. However since I began and finished my accelerated BS/MS in Digital Media at Drexel University, my interests have become centered around practical game production, pipeline design, and education. So while I can perform at any point in a character production pipeline, concept art, illustration, modeling, setup, animation, etc. I consider myself a game production generalist. I am most at home when doing R&D and being at the forefront of solving problems.

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to manage many small scale game productions in my personal projects and my work as an adjunct professor at Drexel University. Production schedules are harsh at Drexel, most final projects have a 5 week production timeline. One class I taught on multiple occasions, Experimental Game Design, called for a new production every 2 weeks over a 10 week semester. The success of these projects can be seen on my Portfolio page, and I owe that success entirely to the talented students in the Game Design and Production department at Drexel University.

Teaching in an environment so focused on production and results allowed me to see first hand the power of one of the most important aspects of a successful creative endeavor. Fail faster! My approach to managing student productions was to empower their creativity wherever possible. I would openly voice concerns over scope when necessary but I never stopped my students from failing in an endeavor they were passionate to pursue. My students never ceased to impress even when things went wrong, and I was always more than happy to help plan damage control.

That experience taught me that I am on the right track, but I have much more to learn. That's why I want to keep pursuing game and interactive experience production wherever I can. I will continue to learn what it takes to bring software design, pipeline design, and the teams surrounding a production together in harmony. I want to help create team environments where comfort in failure leads to confident experimentation and the best results.

Look through my portfolio and projects page, and feel free to contact me!

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