May 2016

The Meat4every1 Twitch channel was born from a need to combine the time I spend working on art or relaxing with a video game, with my desire to build a creative community of likeminded technophiles, gamers, artists, and everyone inbetween. The channel began in earnest october 2015. From that point until late april 2016 I maintained a schedule of at least 3 hours a day 5 days a week. During this period I developed a pipeline for maintaining a daily broadcast, incrementally improving the look and branding, while taking the personal steps necessary to improve as a performer. Over the course of the last 7 months i have completed more digital illustrations than in the last 7 years. It has been enlightening and empowering to see my skills improve so drastically in such a short period and has changed my relationship with image creation. All in all as a project, from a personal improvement and production pipeline perspective, Meat4every1 on Twitch has been a huge success.

While Meat4every1 on Twitch has been instrumental helping me find time to improve my skillsets and portfolio, it is unsustainable in its current format. As we move into summer 2016 I am cutting back on the number of hours I will be streaming. Up to this point working on Meat4every1 I have laid the groundwork for the creation of professional and entertaining content, and I am incredibly proud of the progress. I will continue to develop and improve Meat4every1 as a twitch brand and more. For the time being I will be doing impromptu streams when allowed by my intensifying schedules on other projects.

This change in Priorities has been brought about largely due to external factors, some of which are Twitch related, others based on other projects in development. However something came to my attention recently that has given form to a shadow I have felt looming over the project for months now. I have lost confidence in Twitch Creative as a platform for community building based on the lack of interest and numbers. I am currently looking into more productive means of promotion, which I hope will improve the reception of Meat4every1 on Twitch in the future. However when personalities like Ross from game grumps can migrate to Twitch Creative and see only mild attention, the implications for a small start up show like Meat4every1 are quite alarming.

This is not the end of Meat4every1 on Twitch, far from it; but this does mark a change. It is important to me that my regulars know how much I appreciate your participation over the last 7 months. This would not have been possible without you. Putting on a happy face and performing on a daily bases can be emotionally harrowing, but your presence and interest in my projects has and will continue to be profoundly uplifting. I think of you guys as friends and extend a hand for you all to keep in touch outside of Twitch. Otherwise In the future look to Twitch, Facebook, and twitter where I will schedule my shows in advance so we can reconvene c:

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